The Prayer Warrior Tribe Story

It was by divine inspiration from God that the very phrase “Prayer Warrior Tribe”  came into existence. I was so excited. Surely I had heard the term prayer warrior all of my Christian life, but never the phrase Prayer Warrior Tribe.  It is a phrase that gives homage to groups of people that already exist and already pray fervently for others. 

What is a Prayer Warrior Tribe?

It is 2 or more intercessors who choose prayer as their weapon of choice in spiritual warfare and trust God to take it from there. The Bible does state clearly that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.

What do the colors represent?

Gold represents the kingship of God the Father.  

Red represents the blood of Jesus Christ.

Orange is the color created when we combine red and gold together and it represents the change that happens in us when we are directly connected to God through Jesus Christ .

Why a prayer partner has always been important to me.

As a church going, Jesus believing girl, I have always had at least one person that I could call on anytime day or night to request prayer and know that they would stop what they were doing and take the time to pray with me. I am still part of those tribes as well as ones I have started on my own.

 A Prayer Warrior Tribe is not confined to one specific area or one specific denomination or one specific people. It is God’s people everywhere praying with one another and for one another.