People often ask HOW WILL I HEAR an answer from GOD when I pray?

Well, it isn’t always the same way.

But, since the scripture reads

“My sheep hear my voice

And I know them

And they follow me (John 10:27)”,

then we know that he will speak.

He will choose the way to speak to us

that will work most effectively for us

at that point in time so that we are

more apt to hear and adhere.

  • It could be a spoken word in our ear
  • It could be an epiphany where something that has baffled us repeatedly suddenly becomes abundantly clear
  • It could be a billboard we pass on the highway
  • It could be a commercial on the radio
  • It could be an overt action-like Jonah in the belly of a fish
  • It could be a conversation we overheard in the grocery store
  • It could be in the prose of a book we are currently reading
  • It could be a scripture that he immediately brings to our remembrance

Our God is far more creative than we can imagine and…

Our God knows how to be heard…

So, when we pray, let us practice becoming more attentive so that we will be able to hear God’s response however he chooses to speak.