When we are forgiven “in spite of” our behavior; it frees us to show up again without fear of rejection.

It shows us that the one who forgave us could see from the heart as well as the natural eyes.

Simply stated: when we see from the heart; it creates a bigger space for forgiveness to abide.

When we are not restricted to relying on what the eyes saw and the ears heard in the moment of hurt; then our hearts can remember LOVE- and react from that place where love still resides.

Two biblical examples of unconditional love and forgiveness are shown when

(1) the prodigal son returns home and receives a royal welcome and

(2) when Jacob is received with love and joy from his brother Esau whom he had wronged.

Both examples show us that the power of true love can open the heart to forgive and heal both parties.

Scripture References:

Genesis 32:3-11

Genesis 33:1-11

Luke 15:11-32