DEFINITION: groups of intercessors who choose prayer as their “Weapon of Choice” and trust God for an expected end.

The trials of this pandemic have heightened the level of empathy for every neighborhood, in every city, in every state across America.

It has birthed a new found community awareness both locally and nationwide; and it has revealed an even greater need for community prayer.

Your tribe can be as small as you and one other person, or as large as an entire family, or a team, or a band of co-workers, or a civic organization, or a congregation. 

The size of your Prayer Warrior Tribe is not the key factor. The greater significance is the time you dedicate to praying consistently for the health and welfare of your chosen community.

Inspired Scripture: (Acts 12:12) …he went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many were gathered and were praying.