Thank God Through The Storm

So we had a big storm in my town yesterday. Snow and wind put us in quite the predicament. Then the power went out and after 25 hours still hasn’t come back. They are saying it could be days before it can be done. 

Huge tree limbs fell in our yard and no snow plows had come even by 9pm last night. However a neighbor drove his truck up and down our street countless times to make it possible for us to make it to the main road.

Thank God for caring people. 

So we all pile up and head out the driveway happily. It is about 4 miles from our driveway to our exit gate in the community. During that drive we saw so many homes with worse conditions than ours. Whole trees had fallen in yards and on some cars and on many power lines.

Thank God for keeping them safe and for the milder conditions in our own yard. 

Now, we are out there and tickled to see places were open. However, there were no hotel rooms available for miles. The highway was gridlocked. The gas stations had no gas. The only place open with snacks was 7-11. 

Thank God for 7-11. 

Finally, after many hours we had to succumb to the reality of returning home to our frigid bedrooms. As we came back in the gate I smiled at the guard who was still on duty in this weather, in a booth with no power, all wrapped up in 2 jackets and a big hat and mittens. I was so filled with joy at that moment for considering how sweet God was to us through it all because we were together and

Thank God we were warm in the car for hours!